Forum Rules
10 Point
A1. Do not beg.
A2. Do not post threads with misleading titles.
A3. Do not use inappropriate language.
A4. Do not insult any member of the forums.
A5. Do not have your signature larger than 500x300 px (unless it is in a spoiler).
A6. Do not spam.
A7. Do not post referral links that make you complete a survey.
A8. Do not bump another person's thread if the discussion is outdated, or the tutorial does not work.

30 Points - 2 Day ban.
B1.Thank you posts and general spam is not allowed.
B2. Do not post warez outside of the correct section(s).
B3. Do not advertise other forums here, this includes in the self-promotion section.

40 Points - 2 Week ban.
C1. Do not make users complete a survey that contains insecure data.
C2. Do not make discriminating comments to other members.

50 Points - 2 Week ban.
D1. Do not post links to shock sites or pornography of any sort.
D2. Do not release "dox" information, this includes: Address, age, full name, etc. (unless you have permission).

100 Points - Permanent Ban.
E1. Do not share your Premium account with anyone else.
E2. Do not leak any Premium content.
E3. Do not post any viruses.
E4. Do not attempt to gain access to any staff member's account.
E5. Do not scam.
E6. Do not attempt to evade your ban by creating multiple accounts.

* This will result in a permanent ban on the newly created account, the second time it is a permanent ban on both of them. If you are a Premium member and get permanently banned, you are allowed one more account. Note that account will not be given Premium.