Entrust your security to the experts who protect thousands of organizations, from small and medium businesses to the Global 500.With Secureworks® security services and exploits, you gain a true security partner to help protect your IT assets, comply with regulations and reduce costs — without having to build your internal security expertise from scratch. Recognized as a leader by top industry analysts,Secureworks brings a wealth of deep security expertise and global threat intelligence to your organization.

Just as on other underground marketplaces, there is no shortage of hackers offering their services, we revealed some of our great expertise works such as;
Hacking Services;
Network enumeration: Discovering information about the intended target.
Vulnerability analysis: Identifying potential ways of attack.
Exploitation: Attempting to compromise the system by employing the vulnerabilities found through the vulnerability analysis
1. Phishing
2. Viruses and Malicious code
3. UI Redress
4. Cookie Theft
5. Denial of Service (DoS/DDoS)
6. DNS spoofing
7. SQL injection
8. Keylogger injection

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